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How to Clone Your DVD?

How to convert your photos to animated slideshow and burn it to DVD?
Convert your photos to animated slideshow, burn it to DVD, and watch it to DVD player.

1- PhotoDVD is a 6 step-process where you convert your pictures/photos, animate them, add music, and other incredible built-in decorations that PhotoDVD provides. And after you finish you burn your slideshow project to DVD, and can watch it on any DVD player.

You can download it from here directly to start following with this tutorial:
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6-steps to convert pictures to slideshow and burn to dvd

2- In the first step, you should add your pictures, PhotoDVD accepts any pictures format so you don't have to worry what picture format you use. Or simply drag and drop your pictures. Separate pictures of files could be added.


Add your pictures

3- Next, you should manage your music. Again, PhotoDVD accepts any audio format, .asf, mp3, mp4, wma, wav, etc. just add as many audio files you wish, playlists could be created so that they will be played while the pictures slidehsow is running.

4- You're almost done, PhotoDVD can output two types of videos, a youtube output where you can just upload your photo slideshow to youtube (compatible slidehsow to be uploaded to youtube). Or a DVD output, followed by a DVD burning so that you can watch your slideshow on any DVD player device. Customize your DVD settings, the video standard could be NTSC or PAL, the TV screen aspect ration could be changed too, DVD menu template (the auto-run menu when you start your DVD) must be chosen, it will contain your chapters. And don't forget to specify the working folder path, it is where PhotoDVD will output your slideshow.


5- You're done! Go to the next step. If you checked the option "burn converted project after compilation", PhotoDVD will burn your slideshow to DVD disc. And now your slideshow could be watched on any DVD player device. Or, if you uncheck it, your dvd slideshow format will be on specified working folder, so that you can burn it to DVD whenever you want.



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